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Fun with Marquee and Blink

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Some friends decided they would seriously disown me if i used the marquee or blink tags… So I’m driving them to murder…

This text will bounce from left to right

Apparently this is evil or something. It’s actually deprecated and the W3C standards committee doesn’t want you to use it.

This text would blink in compatible browsers.

This is apparently evil as well. Marquee was in early versions of internet explorer, while blink was in netscape.

I wouldn’t use them for anything other than playing around though. Future browsers will probably remove this (maybe or who knows they might still include it for compatibility reasons).

By the way if it doesn’t work, then no harm done. Your browser probably just doesn’t recognize the tag, or like i said future browsers that did once recognize it will probably stop.

Said friends also told me not to forget blinking and scrolling red text in comic sans font.


There, happy now?

Note: Comic Sans doesn’t seem to work, and the blink tag doesn’t work in IE at all, also because of the size the text gets clipped in IE. So moral of the story is, don’t use IE to view this post. That is all.