Ballsy – Challenge release

I don’t want to spend a lot of time here, but I basically got it to a state I could call it finished for PoV’s ludumdare october challenge. Essentially I added some descriptions to the level screen. And some basic, BASIC (I MEAN BASIC) sound just to call it done. I can’t fit this game on my indieflux pages so I’m going to upload the full 800×600 (5x blow up) version here, and then resize it and put it on indie flux.

You now have to start the ball at the beginning of each level.

I plan on continuing to polish this game until I have something really cool… But for now this is done.


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  1. RichardMarks says:

    Its not bad, but the controls need tweaking I think.

    like a car, you want to have less acceleration applied to the velocity when you are moving at higher velocities than when you are stoped, where you want as much acceleration as you can manage.

    Make sense?

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