Moving right along. It took a while but now interactive objects I call “doodads” get loaded in from the svg file as well. In fact in the image description (as each doodad is really just an image) I can probably put synonyms for objects for when I actually get to the parsing part of the engine. Trying to put as much stuff into the svg file as I can so I can pretty much use inkscape as a room editor. This is pretty cool. I think next I’m going to work on animating roger.

I won’t be getting into sliding collisions anytime soon, mostly for the reason is that i don’t understand everything totally. The code I’m using to detect if a point is in a polygon doesn’t tell me the exact point crossed on the line. On the whole I’m not too good at math, so I basically cobble things together. I plan to credit everyone who’s code I’ve used in this engine, as that’s just good manners. In any case I might figure out sliding collisions later.

And here it is:

I’ve now added a foreground… walk through the door and see how you like it.

I’m having someone work with me on this, so here’s the current source.

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