TimeTimeTime version 0.5

Here it is, the final demo version of the game. That is, my third demo of my 12 single-month games. I also decided since I don’t think I will manage to get 9 more games done, that I will do 6 games,and expand them to two month versions over 2012. If by some miracle I manage 8, then they’ll go back to single-month games, but where september – december will be spend creating 8 new games for 2013. I know more complicated than it should be. But that is the nature of goals, always changing.

In this you win by getting to the goal, and lose by running out of time. Pick a block from the pair of blocks to see if you get an add (green) time, or a delete (red) time clock.

As usual arrows to move.

That’s it.

Click the image to play.

Game 3, version 0.5

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