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Pursuit 0.5 — now with… uhh actual pursuing

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Try this on for size… of course I might add a tweaked version with a better level layout, but this is pretty much complete enough for me to expand it in 2012. Avoid the pursuer.

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.5

Pursuit again v 0.4

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Finally got the crusher obstacles. There’s a small issue where you can probably run through them from the sides, however stopping collisions from the sides and yet still registering a “crush” is kind of a pain, I might implement it later when I expand it into the full month, but right now this will do. I still have the chaser to add so it’s really deadly then I can concentrate on game number 5

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.4

Everybody wants you

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Taking a break from game number 4 to work on game 5. I know I know, why not finish game 4 first. Because Ludum Dare is this weekend and I’m participating in it by attempting game number 5… In any case I’m having a problem with my code. My non-player character entity is not showing up. Here I’ll show you —

Click the image to play.

Game 5, version 0.1

If you hit ‘`’ (tilde) it will show up wireframe of all the entities. You’ll see the ghost entity right there.

Okay I finally got it sorted out, apparently it was setting null as the graphic, which means I either need to call AddGraphic or call super after I’ve created my image. It took 3 hours but I finally managed to get this patrol code working. Not all that different from what I did in pursuit, except now I can add commands at the beginning consisting of a direction a speed and a distance (or just a number for wait time if it’s a wait command).

Click the image to play.

Game 5, version 0.1