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My October Challenge Bet — a bit of progress

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

While it’s nearly impossible for me to make money on a game that I’ve only been working on a month (okay not entirely true but not the one I’m working on), I did decide to see if I could push out an alpha of a game I’m working on. The October Challenge is something that is proposed on the game jam website Ludum Dare. The idea is to get a game out and to make at least a buck so you can say you’re a professional game developer.

Okay so to give me some incentive and to get involved in the community there I decided to propose a bet. I would pay anyone who bet $1 through paypal if I didn’t get this game to alpha by the end of October. So far I’m to 7 bucks. If you lose, you’re only out a buck, if I love I’m out how many people bet me. Either way you get a great game, and updates from alpha to release! The game I’m doing is a Sonic The Hedgehog style platformer, where you play a fox named Flash.

After this little introduction I decided I would show you the progress that I’ve gotten through really 1 day as Monday I didn’t do anything on it really.

Here’s part of the collision map I’m building for the alpha… Really neat way to quickly create levels. After studying some Sonic map layouts I decided, that I would just put down chunks where the character is supposed to walk just willy nilly across the map up and down. And then do the same for ones underneath, and finally to fill up the area underneath the chunks. Makes it really quick, so then i’ll connect them with ramp pieces. Anyways too much talk here’s a screenshot: