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Started a new project yesterday, tentatively titled “Game Changer”

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Technically I started working on my new game the beginning of this week (Monday, the 27th).

After having learned abit of haxe/nme/ and haxeflixel — I decided to go with HaxeFlixel for my new game.

The game is title Game Changer because it literally changes games every few levels. Started with an idea I was going to submit to Ludum Dare — it was the one with the theme of evolution. The idea was you take something like pong, and constantly evolve it to where it’s a completely different game. So I decided to use that as the basis for this project.

Here’s an outline I wrote —
Game Changer 1 —

3 levels per change —

catching ball paddle game
paddle ball deflection
super breakout (moving bricks, w/shooting)
aliens (like space invaders without horizontal movement)
space invaders
galaxian (formations)
galaga (formations + bosses)
vertical shmup with scrolling enemies
vertical shmup with obstacles, collidable roof and floor (scrolling map)

36 levels total.

I’m making the game in the tiny resolution of 80×120 — with scaling of course. I’m doing a flash version first, and then I will see about other platforms. I basically chose the aspect ratio of the iphone — just 320×480 or 2:3 — (or 3:2 if you were doing landscape). I probably won’t target the iphone any time soon because I don’t have a mac, or an iphone. But I figured the aspect ratio would be a good one to target.

In any case here is a screen shot of my great *game* :

Here’s an early partial mockup of one of the space invaders type of levels — although it seems they have no room to move, and thus will probably be much much different in the real thing:

That’s about it, I just wanted to show what I was working on.