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Game Number 1 back again — WallBall

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Okay here’s my paddle ball game once again. This time I’m going to expand it into a full game within 2 months. I would like you to test this.

Click the image to play.

Game 1, version 0.3

Let me know what you think I should put in here to make this a complete game with the same game play. That is all it does is let you score by hitting the top wall, or die 3 times until you’re at last at the main menu (which isn’t really a menu yet). What kinds of things would I need to just release this version. I can think of a high score, and a real menu, other than stuff like full graphics and sound. I want to release these as complete games at various stages so if I wanted to put this on something like Kongregate or FlashGameLicense I could do it with just this gameplay. Some people suggested I should put in keyboard control as well, maybe a better hub. To be clear I am NOT talking about adding gameplay elements, that is, let’s say power ups, and maybe extra game modes to make it pong or breakout. I’m simply talking about just this gameplay what would i need to make it a finished release version?

I plan to add more gameplay features, however, I need a state where if I had a hundred features I could release it at any one time. This is so when I get to the end of February and I have some gameplay features to add I can just stop because it will be able to be released as-is.

Pursuit 0.5 — now with… uhh actual pursuing

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Try this on for size… of course I might add a tweaked version with a better level layout, but this is pretty much complete enough for me to expand it in 2012. Avoid the pursuer.

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.5

Pursuit again v 0.4

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Finally got the crusher obstacles. There’s a small issue where you can probably run through them from the sides, however stopping collisions from the sides and yet still registering a “crush” is kind of a pain, I might implement it later when I expand it into the full month, but right now this will do. I still have the chaser to add so it’s really deadly then I can concentrate on game number 5

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.4