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Pursuit 0.3 — Almost all obstacles are in.

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Then I will tweak it to make a level, and save the obstacle loading feature until I actually expand the game.

Basically avoid the obstacles right now.

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.3

Pursuit v0.2 — game demo 4 — a new beginning

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Okay so I made it so the jet/beam obstacles blink before they turn on giving you ample warning. There is also a win and lose condition now. I still don’t know what to do about the frame drop, it has something to do with the collision, maybe 10 entities and a tilemap is too much. Or I just don’t know how timing works properly. I will need to get some people to help me. Here’s the next version

Click the image to play.

Game 4, version 0.2

Game Demo Numeral 4 : Pursuit

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Okay so I decided I wouldn’t be able to make 12 game demos, so I cut it down to 6. Still up in the air as to how I’m going to develop it. I’m thinking at the moment, 1 week for each, and then two weeks, and finally finishing it off in a month. Approximately 7 weeks per game. To make things even I might make the 6 week games, which would come up to just around 9 months for 6 games in total. Still deciding on whether I want to finish one game at a time (possible because then at least I will release every one and a half months), or whether I’ll run through each first week, then the two weeks then the month (which case you won’t see a finished game until June). It’s all very iffy. I plan on monetizing these games in one way or another hence why I want to release 6 next year.

This forth game I asked some people to give me three theme suggestions and a restriction suggestion. Not many people deigned to help however I did get “rational fear” “obliteration” and “pursuit” as my themes, and “no projectile weapons” as my only restriction. Themes and restrictions make me a bit more creative so I was trying to encourage people to do this. Some people I talk to claim they want me to finish something or anything for that matter but when you ask for help they tell you to do it yourself so really they don’t want you to finish anything they just want you to stop talking about it. But I digress

This game is called Pursuit (maybe it will be called something different later). I had this idea to do a sort of “deadly obstacle course” from a top-down perspective reminiscent of the eighties Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The Running Man”. Or you can think of it as maybe as the scene in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone where people are forced to run through a lethal maze. Something like that. The “pursuit” aspect comes from a vehicle that will trail behind you and kill you if you get too close to it. The “rational fear” aspect comes from the fact that the character will be fearing for his wife, which would be rational should anything like this ever happen, and the obliteration is the fact that you will get obliterated in the game quite literally 😉

In any case the demo just showcases a few of the obstacles, those blinking tiles, the one block that is not blinking, and the “sentry” which moves back and forth. The problem here is from the fact that the corridors are only 2 tiles wide, which means it’s a very tight fit. Of course if you time it properly you can get by rather easily. Later on though when the vehicle is chasing you and you’re trying to get by fast if there are a lot of these it might get real frustrating real quick. The only suggestions I can think of, are either making it stop at either end of the path, or, putting the sentry on the area above the corner, so that it goes the whole width of the screen before it comes back. This means you’ll have to be careful to be on one side of the corridor it’s traveling down, and have to wait until it’s away from the corner so you can move into it. I’ll show you what I mean, it’s the purple tile. As usually arrow keys to move.

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Game 4, version 0.1

Okay so this next version is going to actually include one of the solutions, if you notice it’s the full length. You can get around it easily by running into the upper wall.

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Game 4, version 0.1