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A little mockup progress

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I just wanted to post a little bit of something. An update to my next mockup. Just want to get into the habit of updating every day or nearly every day. So I’m not entirely done, but I’m almost done with a template. There will be 4 buttons now. Look, Sense, Use, Spellbook. Spellbook will have it’s own separate menu that’s why it doesn’t have it’s own sub-menu.

Next up — Actually adding the sub menu nodes to the main buttons in the template, then building another mockup based on that.

Update 6/26 : Finished the outer menu options, so the template is slightly different. Next I’m going to make a full mockup with either icons or words, or both so I can see how they look.

Update 6/27 : So here’s a little more progress on the mockup. Across the buttons will be labels that will extend as far as they need, and be readable. This is just the main options, the submenus I will update later.

Here’s the original full template, including main buttons, and the “geometry” of the circles. (Essentially concentric squares which I used to create the circles).

Update 7/01 : — Here are all the submenu buttons — will be posting regular mockups soon.

Found an old pie menu design

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Looking through some old files and found this pie menu design

This was to be for the upcoming sequel (or big game) — and still may be.

If you notice the words under the “action” menu are different than what I wrote in the actual slots. Was considering different types of things. Maybe this is the way to go?