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Ballsy – Challenge release

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I don’t want to spend a lot of time here, but I basically got it to a state I could call it finished for PoV’s ludumdare october challenge. Essentially I added some descriptions to the level screen. And some basic, BASIC (I MEAN BASIC) sound just to call it done. I can’t fit this game on my indieflux pages so I’m going to upload the full 800×600 (5x blow up) version here, and then resize it and put it on indie flux.

You now have to start the ball at the beginning of each level.

I plan on continuing to polish this game until I have something really cool… But for now this is done.


Ballsy – almost final

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Quick note: you can skip the level screen by hitting any key.

Well here it is. I’ve finally decided on a format. 5 “games” which include Simon, Simon in reverse order, chase mode, and chase opposite wall mode. The final ‘game’ is one where you simply survive until the next level begins — by not touching the walls. You gain score as you survive. You get a higher score when you try to stay as close to the barriers as possible. You get bonus points for hitting non-lit walls. That’s only in the survival mode (5). In the simon modes you get score based on the walls you hit correctly.

There are pretty much unlimited levels, however, all configurations amount to 40 levels for each game, after which the configurations repeat.

I’ll have to figure out how to do high-scores just before I release.

Please test them out, thanks!


Screen shots at the bottom.

Edit: Some people were confused at what to do even when the games had explanatory titles. This should probably go in the game, however I’m unsure as to the merit of actually finishing this up, so unless someone can tell me they play this game every day I’m going to leave it as is. The goal of the first game is like the electronic game Simon, basically you have to watch the sequence and then direct the ball to the walls in that sequence. Game number 2 is just simon in reverse… next you have the “chase” mode, this where the ball moves and you basically have to touch the correct wall in the current sequence before the next wall to hit will be shown. Game 4 is like that, only you have to hit the wall on the opposite side. Game number 5 is just a survival mode… keep moving the ball around until you hit a wall or an obstacle. The area near the barriers gain you more points than the area in the center.

Okay so now you have an idea of what the 5 games are, I will now tell you of somethings you have to watch out for. If you see a gray ball that mirrors your own and moving the opposite direction, that is the ghostball. Essentially once you split from it if you touch it you will lose your game. The next is the static objects, and then moving objects levels — you have to avoid those too. Then there are the invisibility modes. One flashes the ball in an interval and the intervals of being visible and invisible get longer. There are “pad” levels where your ball is completely invisible and you must rely on the squares or “pads” lighting up to guide you. Finally there’s a “keyhole” invisibility mode, where the ball becomes visible if you move over the pad. The final two modes are the snake modes… in the first one it will speed up your ball to “eat a pellet” or essentially roll over them purple things. The level after that will slow you down if you eat the pellets. After 10 levels those repeat… except then your control mode changes (for instance you’ll move diagonally after level 10). I hope that clears a few thing sup.

The next iteration of Ballsy

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

“Feature complete”. Changed the modes to go from 1-n instead of 0-(n-1), just to be more logical for non-programmer types. Added the playfield types.

Removed some barrier modes, so there is only 8 now.

Same “look” as before, same controls.

Will add some polish once I get some testing done. Hopefully any of you who see this post will test it for me… play around with it.


Should be a total of 320 configurations possible now.