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Another quickie update Pong Adventure part 3

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Okay so I said that other version was the final twine version before I split up the pages. It turns out I was wrong. I was convinced I should get a bit more imaginative so I decided to add 29 wacky endings and only one path to the winning and losing endings. I add 8 goofy events too, which were basically pages I retrofitted with more outrageous stuff. Only I might should have added more, as I tried playing and didn’t get any of the goofy event pages. But We’ll see. So without further ado : Pong Adventure!

Pong Adventure part 2

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I added drama lines to make it more story oriented. This is the final version before I split up to make it fit on screen with my framework. Let me know if this helps it feel more “adventure” oriented.

Pong Adventure v2

Update about 6PM Mountain Time USA:

I’m trying to figure out how many lines of text I can get on one screen. Since my framework only uses images, I decided to make a sort of mockup for one of the screens. I don’t really like the way it looks though. The gray square represents where the art work is going. I don’t have anything to tell the text to stay up on screen a certain time, so basically the image will be overlayed with text every page until you hit a button. I’m still trying to figure some things out. Also I’m trying to find a font that looks like the numbers in the original Atari Pong machine. Let me know if you can suggest other layouts.